Concept & Vision

Easycamp is a revolutionary lodging company in Israel which specializes in crafting private

glamour-camping resorts (“Glamping”), in planning private events in nature, and in organizing

adventure vacations and corporate retreats throughout Israel.

Easycamp’s exclusive lodges, events and programs are a unique, innovative

and environmentally-friendly alternative to the common hotel concept.

Any touring activity can blend perfectly into the Easycamp Glamping service

just as it would with a hotel.

Our hard work, flawless expertise and constant research & development place

us at the forefront of the Israeli tour and travel industry, and guarantee our customers

enjoy a luxurious, one of a kind resort, and an exceptionally unforgettable vacation.

Our Glamping camps are set on demand, in the most outstanding natural sites in Israel, in spots unknown

to most people. Possible locations span from the Golan Heights or the Sea of Galilee and the banks of its tributaries in the north,

to the Dead Sea, the Negev Desert , the Ramon Crater and the Eilat mountains in the south.

Our lodges and vacation programs are tailor-made to fit the needs of our clients in terms of location, duration,

service standard, group size, catering style, etc’. To enhance the outdoor experience we offer our guests

additional adventure activities as listed here. Our camps can fit any size of group from 2 to 200.

Easycamp has brought the glamping concept to Israel, literally, and holds the main role in

educating the local market in this unique concept. In our vision we see Israel as a leading

regional glamping destination, making full use of its rare potential of diverse natural  

landscapes, and Easycamp as the inspiring influence and mentor for this developing industry.