Clal group insurance company

The feeling of closeness and togetherness between people and between people and nature, in every camping holiday, are part of the reasons we love doing what we do.

In this project we welcomed, in a luxury camping sight in the middle of the desert, a group of insurance agents and their families. For them, sleeping again together in tents and spending leisure time with each other was very meaningful.


The group – 40 guests from Clal group insurance company

Season – November

Location – Mitzpe Ramon


During the day the group went through different activities for forging a group spirit

and getting to know each other, organized by Stones company.

After that they arrived to the boutique camp for some freshening up and had dinner

in the warm and cozy main tent.

The evening continued around a bonfire with a sing along, into the night, enjoying

beer and cuddly blankets.


Clal group insurance company’s recommendation

One of the best events! An amazing experience! The agents keep talking about

how amazing and fun and meaningful it was.

Thank you for the perfect organization, the high class tents, the professional service

and for all your help.

Thank you for a delicious dinner and the fine arrangement.

Thank you for the bonfire and the atmosphere of joy and serenity.

Thank you for your patient, the courteous staff, and taking care of

the smallest details and not leaving any loose ends.

Thank you for being available and answering all of my requests.

The executives and the agents were very satisfied and for this you deserve another

big thanks.

I hope we meet soon it other events.

Continue the good work, thank you again,

Orly Dahan – Manager of events, Clal group insurance company

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