Bar-Mitzvah in the Golan

The scenery and sanctity found in the Golan Heights make for a special and meaningful Bar Mitzvah setting.

Being called up to the Torah in a 1700 year old synagogue, hiking to El Al stream and enjoying a meal and activities in nature came together with our goal

to create a cozy family atmosphere with convenience and comfort for the guests.

It was possible to invite more guests for different parts of the event.


The group – family and friends

Season – April to November

Location – the Golan Heights


Day 1

Everyone met for coffee and cake and a scenic view of the sea of Galilee.

From there the group continued for a hike suitable to each one in the level of extremity,

rather repelling through El Al stream’s waterfalls or walking more leisurely between them.

The backpacks and gear required were all supplied by EASYCAMP.

The group arrived to the luxurious camp sight and had a fancy and festive dinner.


Day 2

After breakfast the group walked up to the ancient synagogue “Um el Cantere”, to take part in the walking up to the Torah by the Bar-Mitzvah boy, had some refreshments and went home.

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