Information & Facilities

We set up our glamping (Glamorous camping) lodges on demand, in the most outstanding and impressive natural sites in Israel, in spots unknown to most people, from the Golan Heights or the Sea of Galilee and the banks of its tributaries – in the north, to the granite mountains of Eilat, the Dead Sea and the Ramon Crater- in the south.

Our lodges are custom made to fit the needs of our clients in terms of location, duration, service standard, size of group, catering, etc’.

An Easycamp pop-up resort is made up of several components:
• A sleeping area with tents, quality mattresses, scented white bedding, hollow-fiber blankets and pillows.
• An elegant, shaded relaxation lounge with resting cushions, coffee tables and candle lamps.
• An outdoor dining table,  under-the-stars.
• A hot shower and eco restrooms.
• A camp fire area with chopped wood, arm-chaires and mats.

A wide variety of catering styles is offered to our guests from self-cooking to Bedouin, Veagen, B.B.Q and gourmet meals.

To complete the experience, we hold many exciting activities such as jeep tours, hot-air balloon rides, camel tours, self -driving off road vehicles (ATV’s) helicopter sightseeing, rappelling and many more, to be added to the program before or after the camp.

 Easycamp’s deluxe lodges are a unique, innovative and environmental alternative to the common hotel concept. Any touristic activity can blend perfectly into the our accommodation service just like with a hotel.

In Our camps you will enjoy a private,  natural pop-up facility built especially for you, surrounded by the enchantment of the great outdoors – on a river bank or in the middle of the desert- literally.

Our  camps can fit any group size from 2 to 200…

For more information and reservations, leave us a note or contact us directly: