Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah

Whether it’s a Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, honeymoon, a special birthday,  a holiday meal, or just a celebration of life – we’ll plan and execute anything you have in mind and much more than you can imagine – in unique nature spots across Israel, connecting you back to source at historical sites and landscapes.

Lets plan together and make your Israel-celebration dream come to life!

Here’s just one example for a 2 day Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration camp in northern Israel with a ceremony at an ancient synagogue: 

Day 1

  • 10:00: Arrival to a beautiful vista point of the Golan-heights: Refreshing freshly-squeezed juice bar
  • 10:45: Short drive to a unique archaeological site of an ancient synagogue  for Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony, followed by traditional snacks and wine.
  • 12:00: From synagogue, beginning of a  3-4 hour hike (jeep pickup is optional) by a flowing Golan stream. Hiking sticks and personal back-packs with mineral water bottles, fruit and snacks will be handed out.
  • 16:00: arrival by foot to the luxurious Glamping night camp, situated on the bank of a natural spring-water pool. Time for getting organized, showers, rest. Drinks will be offered.
  •  18:30: Festive dinner served to the table under-the-stars.
  • 20:00: “Tea and Tales”- around the bon- fire – an intimate show of a professional story-teller accompanied by 2 musicians.
  • 21:30: Easy winding-down and bed time.


Day 2

  • 7:30: Wakeup call…Morning tea/coffee and biscuits.
  • 8:30: Mediterranean breakfast.

Family quality time. A wide variety of outdoor games and activities will be presented.

  • 11:30: Self cooking of gourmet outdoor lunch with the guests, guided by a professional chef.
  •  13:30: Goodbye. Pickup to groups’ next destination.


-Extra activities and days may be added to this program.

-Our camps can fit any size of group from 2 to 200.


For more information and reservations, leave us a note or contact us directly: