Whether it’s a Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, honeymoon, a special birthday,  a holiday meal, or just a celebration of life – we’ll plan and execute anything you have in mind and much more than you can imagine – in unique nature spots across Israel, connecting you back to source through historical sites and landscapes.

Lets plan together and make your Israel-celebration dream come to life!

Your easycamp wedding celebration can take a few forms, all of them in Israel’s astonishing natural landscapes in the north or in the desert. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • The entire event will be held outdoors having all your guests experience a pampering once in a lifetime celebration. This will include the Chuppah, party, meal and the night stay at the luxurious night camp.
  • Have all of your guests take part in the ceremony and party but stay the night at camp just with your closest family members and friends.
  • Have your Chuppah and main wedding event “as your grandmother would like you to”, and keep the easycamp treat as a second celebration for your closer circle. In this case we’ll plan with you a unique program including adventure activities, special meals and a private easycamp glam-camp.


  • Our camps can fit any size of group from 2 to 200.

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