Family Camping – a law firm

For many of us, camping is a sweet childhood memory.

An entire law firm, including spouses and children went on a two day camping  trip that included many exciting and fun activities for the whole family.


The group – 25 guests, law firm staff and their families

Season – October

Location – The Ramon crater


Day 1

We met the group near a small rain water stream found in the crater.

The group enjoyed a light Bedouin lunch, cooled their feet in the water and continued to the luxurious camp site in the middle of the Ramon crater.

Children in open space don’t seem to need much to be happy and content, but anyway we organized a kite building workshop, huge soap bubbles, board games and more.

Coffee, beer, snacks and precious family time for the whole firm.

Dinner included a BBQ and of course children dishes as well.


Day 2

After waking up the group enjoyed a yoga lesson and breakfast.

Then they continued with a jeep trip that ended with lunch in a small grove near the edge of the Crater, that was followed by an amazing acrobatic workshop for everyone.

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